Color Signage

Simply brilliant. These are the words that best describe color signage from Matthews International, made possible by an exclusive technology that embeds pristine four-color graphics into anodized aluminum architectural signage.

Ideal for one-of-a-kind custom signs or multi-piece signage systems, Matthews color signage is specified across a variety of applications.

Based on unique technology, Matthews color signage opens the pores of anodized aluminum, then “roughens the walls” of these pores to enable dyes to be printed into, not onto, the anodic layer. An advanced thermo-chemical sealing process then locks in the dye, creating remarkable image clarity—and unmatched durability. Images can be created from photographs, artwork, or any other illustration source.

Limited Only by the Imagination

Ideal for a variety of promotional, recognition, commemoration, and way-finding applications, Matthews color signage is the ultimate combination of high-resolution imagery and unsurpassed durability. Limited only by the imagination, color signage can take your next signage project to unprecedented levels.

  • Cutting-edge technology embeds high-resolution four-color images into anodized aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum is 60 times harder than standard aluminum, providing greater resistance to sun, rain, sand, snow, heat, saltwater, wind, vandalism, and graffiti
  • Unsurpassed image quality
  • Scratch- and abrasion-resistant
  • Will not chip, crack, or peel

ADA Compliance

Tactile lettering and Braille can both be incorporated into Matthews color signage.



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