Laminate Your Certificate, Valuable Documents Safely and Securely!

Show your credentials. A Laminated Certificate enhances professional degrees so they show more than just the schools you attended.
 The way you display them reflects the care and attention your clients or patients can expect.
 The clean looks and beauty of Laminated Certificate enhances your image.
 This will be even more true years from now when your documents are sealed using the Laminated Certificate
 process will stay like new, while traditionally framed documents succumb to the
 degrading environmental factors of air, moisture and light over time.



Laminated Certificate Colors

Colors will vary depending on the method of compression. Please use both these charts to determine your actual color needs.
Color will also vary with each piece of wood that is stained. Click on the chart below for larger and different color samples.



For more info Contact Thomas or T.J. Denton
Email or Phone 818-247-1172